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This prototype website has been developed in the context of the Higher Education Commission inter-institutional research funded-project titled “Teaching and learning science (biology, chemistry and physics) within an integrated mode, mediated by the pedagogical technological integrated medium (PTIM) at Grade 9 level”. The PTIM allows the three stakeholders, namely educators, students and parents, each with specific entitlement, to monitor the progress of the student(s). Additionally, parents can have access to information regarding their children’s performance and can use the platform to communicate with educators. Thus, the PTIM provides an environment for constructive learning by students.

Academic researchers from three Higher Education Institutions are collaborating on this project – Mauritius Institute of Education, University of Mauritius and University of Technology, Mauritius.

This project targets Grade 9 Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). The lessons are introduced gradually, building on the prior knowledge of the students through minds-on and at times, hands-on tasks and allowing the students to construct new relationships. There is an array of formative assessments which also incorporate diagnostic assessments to keep on challenging learners on the newly constructed knowledge.

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